WINGS (Women In God’s Spirit)

WINGS is a faith enrichment group for women of all ages who seek to grow in their relationship with God and deepen their faith. WINGS encourages its members to learn and grow in their Catholic faith and be aware of their own unique spiritual gifts so as to benefit the wider Christian community and build up the Kingdom here on earth.

Our Charter


The St. Jude Women’s Forum is a ministry of encouragement and enrichment for women of all ages who seek to deepen their faith and grow in their relationship with God and one another. The group works to support and empower women of the parish through education that deepens their spirituality and activities that foster friendships. We also provide a venue to gather and share ideas, thereby providing an informal support group.

The group is entirely made up of volunteers from the parish and its aim is to utilize the unique gifts and talents for the betterment of our community.

Importance of Women’s Group


Women are the cornerstones of our families. Through empowering them and helping them grow in their relationship with God, women will be strengthened to share that love with their families, Church and the world in which they live and work.

What we do


Parish organizes many activities like retreats, perunnal (feast day of our patron saint), New Year and Parish day programs etc. The women’s group members are active participants in all these activities ranging from decorating the church, organizing cultural programs and behind the scenes coordination. In addition, we also aim to raise money for our Parish activities. One such successful event was a bake sale by the Women’s group and our Youth Group at the KAGW Onam mela. We raised money and awareness about our community among the Kerala community in the region.

Our upcoming plans


Seminars on subjects that help families and can provide support and guidance. We plan on inviting speakers who are known in their areas of expertise including “development of talent in children”, “raising children in a multi-cultural environment”.

Organize activities that foster fellowship including prayer meetings, get together(s), cooking classes and exercise sessions.

Organizing a portrait day at church.

Create and print a Parish Directory.

Join Us!

We look forward to your participation and invite you to join the group. Please contact our women’s forum coordinators for more information.