Holy Qurbana


Holy Mass, the Paschal Banquet is inseparably the sacrificial memorial in which the sacrifice of the cross is perpetuated as well the sacred banquet of communion with the Lord’s body and blood. The celebration of the Eucharistic sacrifice is wholly directed toward the intimate union of the faithful with Christ through communion. To receive communion is to receive Christ himself who has offered himself for us.

At the Last Supper, on the night of Passover, our Savior instituted the Eucharistic sacrifice of his Body and Blood. This he did in order to perpetuate the sacrifice of the cross throughout the ages until he should come again, and so to entrust to his beloved Spouse, the Church, a memorial of his death and resurrection: a sacrament of love, a sign of unity, a bond of charity, a Paschal banquet ‘in which Christ is consumed, the mind is filled with grace, and a pledge of future glory is given to us.



Monday to Friday: 7:30 PM

Saturday: 8:30 AM

Sunday: 10:30 AM

Novena to St. Jude, (English) on Tuesdays

Confession on all days except Sundays

“Do this in memory of me”

Celebration of Holymass is the culmination both of God’s action sanctifying the world in Christ and of the worship, men offer to Christ and through him to the Father in the Holy Spirit. By the Eucharistic celebration, we unite ourselves with the heavenly liturgy and anticipate eternal life, when God will be all in all.

I am the living bread which has come down from heaven. Anyone who eats this bread will live forever; and the bread that I shall give is my flesh, for the life of the world

John 6, 51